Elf Patrol

by Milly Egan April 10, 2016

Elf Patrol

"An elves duty to protect the forest is taken with the utmost seriousness" says Larchie.

Three times a day Larchie will put on his green guardian hat and patrol the forest. 

"I like to ensure that all is well and that harmony prevails for those who live in and use the forest be they fairy, elf or human." Yes, its is a rather an important role you play Larchie. Hats off to you!

Larchie is a 12.5cm poseable elf figure with magnetic fairy shoes that enable him to stand upright on his metal fairy leaf. He also has a golden thread so that he can be suspended in a window or a tree.

All our garden fairy ornaments make charming gifts and are now available to buy in the shop with limited numbers on each design so as always, we encourage customers to secure your orders early.

Milly Egan
Milly Egan


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