Katherines Collection 2021 Opulence Santa Display Figure 94cm

Our Opulence Santa display figure is a luxurious Christmas showpiece decoration by world-renown decor designer Katherine's Collection.

Opulence Santa wears a beautifully designed full-length coat with beautifully embroidered details embellished with a treasure trove of sparkling crystals, sequins and pearls.

He wears a wonderful matching hat that frames his charming face with a fabulous tassel.

His decorative trousers coordinate perfectly with the ensemble and a smart pair of boots completes his look.

Standing at 88cm tall, this incredible festive creation has been beautifully sculpted and his gentle facial expression is painted by hand.

The details in this Christmas display figure are extraordinary. Used as a stand-alone luxury Christmas display decoration or part of a larger display, he will bring gasps of joy and adoration when he welcomes guests to your home each year.

  • Sold Out
  • Katherine's Collection 2021
  • Limited Stock
  • Opulence Santa Display Figure
  • Display Figure on stand
  • Approx 88cm / 37"

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