Mark Roberts 2021 Candy Cane Elf 46cm Med

The Mark Roberts Candy Cane Elf is an adorable Christmas display doll.

Candy Cane Elf wears a wonderfully festive ensemble of textural fabrics with red and white candy stripes with whirly lollipop motifs. Who could resist such a cheeky chap!

This magical creation has been beautifully sculpted. Every element is designed with the highest level of detail in plush textured fabrics that have been decorated with an array of trimmings and embellishments.

Can be used as a stand-alone luxury decoration or part of a larger display, He will be absolutely adored when he visits each year.

Mark Roberts Limited Edition Collectibles are one of the most beautifully designed Christmas decor collections available. 

  • Pre Order
  • Mark Roberts 2021
  • Limited Stock
  • 'Candy Cane Elf'
  • Christmas Display Doll
  • Approx 18" / 46cm (Medium Elf)
  • Pre Order delivery from late Sept 2021

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