Goodwill Belgium Scallop Jewel Pearl Ribbon 10cm 5yds

This silk dupion Scallop Jewel Pearl ribbon comes in a beautiful aqua colour and is embroidered with sparkling jewels and pearls that will add an elegant Christmas touch to your home.

Goodwill Belgium are masters of designing exquisite wired decorative ribbon for the luxury seasonal decor market to add elegance to your home. 

Fabulous to use and shape. You’ll be creating beautiful decorative bows throughout your home in all seasons to add a flourish to Christmas wreaths, trees, gifts and mantlescapes. 

  • In stock
  • Goodwill Belgium
  • Scallop Jewel Pearl Ribbon
  • Aqua Silk Dupion
  • Wired
  • Seasonal decor
  • 10cm wide / 5yds length

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