Goodwill Belgium Sequin Fairytale Rose Faux Floral Clip

Beautiful faux blooms of luxurious velvet and tulle fabric petals in multi-layered shades of soft blush pink edged with rose and gold sparkles.

As if plucked straight from the pages of a romantic fairytale. Each flower is framed by golden foliage decorated with sparkling sequins and at its heart, lies a crown of glittering stamen beads.

Our faux floral Christmas decorations have been carefully curated to blend beautifully with our Christmas collections so that you can select individual designs to compliment your unique style. 

  • In Stock
  • Goodwill Belgium
  • Sequin Fairytale Rose
  • Blush Pink & Gold
  • Approx 26 cm
  • Clip-on
  • Christmas Fabric Floral Decoration
  • Worldwide delivery available