Goodwill Carousel Show Horse Christmas Decoration

Step right up ladies & gentlemen and climb aboard our traditional Carousel Show Horse Christmas Decoration.

A beautiful Christmas display piece that has been lovingly hand-painted in splendid detail by the artisans of Goodwill M&G.

Featuring a golden saddle, red saddlecloth with tassels, red and gold noseband with decorative pendants and medieval pageant-style breast collar and bard.

The elegant pièce de résistance is a trio of beautiful white feather plumes that finish the design beautifully.

This opulent Carousel Show Horse Christmas Decoration would make a gorgeous showpiece for a mantel display or console arrangement to welcome your guests for the Christmas season.

  • In Stock
  • Goodwill M&G
  • Carousel Show Horse Christmas Decoration
  • Approx 54 cm 
  • Worldwide delivery available

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