Goodwill Blush Jellyfish Mermaid Decoration

Our alluring Blush Jellyfish Mermaid decoration with beautiful, shimmering tail and gorgeous jellyfish tentacle inspired detailing is sure to make a splash this holiday season.

This hand-painted luxury Mermaid fantasy figurine wears a beautiful ensemble accented with fish scale paillettes and reflective sequins.

Her flowing pearlescent hair frames her exquisite hand-painted face with pale lilac bow lips and spellbinding eyelashes.

She wears a faux coral and crystal crown, most befitting of a glamorous siren.

Each and every element of this stunning mermaid display doll has been designed with beautiful attention to detail and creativity that gives it an heirloom quality.

She is sure to make friends wherever she resides and will make a charming addition to your holiday decor.

Our new Mermaid Collection is now available to order

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  • Goodwill Belgium
  • Blush Jellyfish Mermaid
  • Tabletop Decoration
  • Approx 66cm 
  • Worldwide delivery available