Katherine's Collection Peace on Earth Elf Figure

Look at the joyful expression radiating from the face of this whimsical Christmas Elf figure from Katherine's Christmas collection as he delivers his festive garland.
Wearing a smart gold brocade elf costume which is belted at the waist with gold cording, with golden velvet knickerbockers, a fabulous set of elf boots, with the finishing touch of a lustrous pearl on the tip of the toe.
A whimsical character to welcome all your Christmas visitors and makes a beautiful seasonal showpiece.
Also available in a second variation holding a wreath 'Katherine's Collection Peace on Earth Christmas Elf Doll'
  • In Stock
  • Katherine's Collection
  • Peace on Earth Christmas Elf Decoration
  • Approx 40.5 cm 
  • Worldwide delivery available

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