Mark Roberts African American Jingles Fairy Small

Our African American Jingles Fairy is an absolutely charming Christmas character by the world-renown seasonal decor designer Mark Roberts.

"Jingles Fairy" wears a smart green velvet coat with matching hat in plush textured fabrics that has been decorated with an array of trimmings and embellishments.

He wears a smart hat embellished with a large shiny bell, seasonal foliage and ribbons.

This incredible creation has been beautifully sculpted. Every element is designed with the highest level of detail and creativity. 

Can be used as a stand-alone luxury decoration or part of a larger display, He will be absolutely adored when he visits each year.

Mark Roberts African American Collectibles are one of the most beautifully designed Christmas decor collections available. A piece that is undeniable of heirloom quality. 

  • Mark Roberts African American Christmas Collection
  • Limited Stock
  • 'Jingles Fairy'
  • Seasonal Display Figure
  • Approx 25.5cm (Small Fairy)