Mark Roberts Egyptian Royal Cat Display Figurine

Our 'Egyptian Royal Cat' display figurine is an astonishing Halloween showpiece by world-renown decor designer Mark Roberts.

''Egyptian Royal Cat" wears a fabulous costume of beautiful textured fabrics, with a gorgeous sequinned cape, ceremonial headdress draped in crystals and regal jewellery around her neck.

Her eyes are the most hypnotic faceted crystals that twinkle as they catch the light. 

An utterly enchanting Halloween decoration that has been beautifully designed and created and stands on a wonderful pedestal.

Can be used as a stand-alone luxury Halloween display decoration or part of a larger display, She will be absolutely adored when she visits each year.

Mark Roberts Limited Edition Fall Collectibles is one of the most beautifully designed Fall decor collections available. Every element is designed with the highest level of detail and creativity. A piece that is undeniable of heirloom quality.

  • Mark Roberts Halloween Collection
  • Limited Stock
  • 'Egyptian Royal Cat'
  • Seasonal Display Figure
  • Approx 56cm