Midwinter Moonlight

by Milly Egan February 03, 2019

Fabulous Fairytales Blog - Bugle the Forest Guardian Elf

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise!

We met some very special characters indeed on a typical Sunday afternoon wander in our favourite woodland.

Mr Bugle is a forest guardian and magician but as he says “Always a Forest Guardian first”. After a brief introduction when meeting today, he asked if we needed directions having strayed from the main path. He seemed most concerned we might not get back before evening.

"Take the route to your right and my colleague Brucie the Elf will give you further directions" he said. Off we went and sure enough, within a few moments a charming character dressed in blue with brown velvet knickbockers stepped out to greet us at the foot of a gnarly ancient oak tree.

Fosette Green Fairy Doll Christmas Decoration

"Good afternoon friends, I understand you are in need of assistance" proclaimed Brucie. "You are in good hands. Cross the stream behind the oak tree and follow Fosette the Forest Fairy", Mr Bugle suggested "Simply call out her name three times. She’s flying into town to pick up a few provisions I’m sure she wont mind you tagging along."

And once again after following instructions calling out "Fosette, Fosette, Fosette" we were greeted by a rather giggly fairy, who took great pleasure in showing us the way. "Follow me" she chuckled.

So, there we found ourselves following an auburn haired, twittering fairy by the name of Fosette back to the edges of the woodland.

If you would like to order our beautiful fairy and elf decorations Bugle, Brucie and Fosette are now available to buy in the FabulousFairytales shop. 

Milly Egan
Milly Egan


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